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BarCamp Philly 2008 Session Schedule

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on November 10, 2008 at 11:24:05 pm

10:00 AM

  • Setup a Solid Web Dev on your Laptop in room: 704

    by Dave Konopka

  • Building & Running www.comcast.net - 40million pageviews/day, CDN, Vendors, Java, AJAX, Python, Ruby, etc. in room: 706

    by Aaron

  • Engaging Detractors - Conversation Agent in room: 831

    by Valeria Maltoni

  • Connection Not Collection - Community Organizing Using Social Media in room: 833

    by @harveymilk - Chris Bartlett

  • Marketing to a Technical Audience - Your most important marketing tool in room: 1221
  • Lions Tigers Higher Ed - Web 2.0 in the higher ed community in room: 1215

    by Maumi

  • Understanding Differences in Your Consumer/Audience in room: 1219

    by Angel Gibson

  • Phila Computer Community - PANMA and PACS in room: 1321

    by Reed Guston - Delta Angel Design

  • Mentoring 101 - Team Leadership in room: 1329

11:00 AM

  • Usability Discusion in room: 704
  • Perfect Pitch - Finding and TellingYour Story in room: 706

    by Megan Wendell - Canary Promo + Design

  • Coding for the Mobile Web in room: 831

    by Reed Guston - Delta Angel Design

  • ROI for Social Media - Community Conversation Agent in room: 833

    by Valeria Maltoni

  • Self Help/Social Change - How can a site help your life? in room: 1221

    by Gary Krane PhD. - Our Couple Space

  • Consumer - Centric Health - How we get there - Data portability & All that stuff in room: 1215

    by [HealthCamp] @ekivemark

  • OnLine Organizing - tools, methods, secrets, software in room: 1219

    by Charles Lenchner

  • Jedi Mind Tricks - mediating user, brand, technology & business goals through conversation in room: 1361

    by Livia Labate @elivlab / Marion esponita

  • Social Networks for Offline Communities in room: 1355

    by Dave Konopka, Karen Leary, Becky Sweger

12:00 PM

  • Microsoft - Help us suck less in room: 704
  • Story? What Story? Once upon a time… How to structure your story in room: 706

    by Mike Davis - Empressr.com @globalcitizen

  • Using Open Source Licenses in room: 831

    by Owen Winkler - @ringmaster

  • Business Advice (incl. legal) for Startups + Small Business in room: 833

    by Whitney Hoffman

  • Web Standards - how to convince the boss - how to roll them out - how to keep it going in room: 1221

    by Kimberly Blessing

  • Group Blogging is Like Group Sex - messy, fun & complicated in room: 1215

    by Scott McNulty & Mavisn McClellan

  • The Internet Sux - unfollowing, cancelling, unfriending, unplugging - a roundtable discussion in room: 1321
  • Build a Drupal Site in 20 min. in room: 1329

    by Mason Wendell - Canary Promo + Design

  • Beyond Web 2.0 What’s Next - Convergence; Internet of things, etc. in room: 1355

02:00 PM

  • CroudSourcing for Measurable Change (How do we turn ideas into action? direct democracy, get legislators to play along in room: 704

    by @naterkane

  • CC Creative Commons & Art - open discussion in room: 706

    by @eagleapex

  • Enterprise Mashup Tools - Jackbe’s Presto XML, XPath, Etc. in room: 831

    by @ekivemark

  • ROI for Social Media (Bus./Mktg.) in room: 833

    by Beth Harte

  • Building Your Community, Sponsors, and Your Brand as a Full Time Job Online in room: 1221

    by Walt Ribeiro

  • Testing, Testing - You will always benefit from Usability Testing but when is it Mission Critical in room: 1215

    by Jen Yuan

  • What is Agile Software Development and how do I make it work?! in room: 1219

    by David Bulkin - Center for Program Transformation

  • Your the President of ideablob.com - What do you do? in room: 1321
  • Making the Unusual Career Transitions in room: 1329

    by AlexKnowsHTML

  • Innovation in Corporations in room: 1361

    by Arpit (ideal) - Aaron H. (reality) both w/ Comcast

  • Making Your Own Business Cards and craft it up / Nanowrimo - find out how to write a novel in 1 month! We will be writing in room: 1355

    by Rachel Sooy @interjection / Purplecar + Melitami

03:00 PM

  • Using Flash in an AJAX World - and flex in room: 704

    by arpit

  • Unix Command Line Productivity Tips in room: 706

    by Keith Bennett

  • CRM Technology - Compare, contrast, integrate, implement in room: 831
  • Using Social Networks for Social Change: facebook, myspace & more (especially for nonprofits) in room: 833

    by Ivan Boothe - Rootwork.org

  • Brand Management (seo, sm, etc) in room: 1221

    by Beth Harte

  • Learn to Make Cheesy iPhone Apps 101 in room: 1215

    by Andy Mroczkowski

  • Red Stapler Round Table - An interactive discussion on being more productive and running your business more efficiently in room: 1219

    by Gloria Bell

  • Health 10.0 - The Promisses & Dangers of Virtual Omnipresence in room: 1321
  • Mentoring 101 - Team Leadership in room: 1329
  • Rethinking the .edu in room: 1355

    by Geoff DiMasi - P’unk Ave.

04:00 PM

  • Where are we going? Where have we been? The evolution of technology in room: 704

    by Mario Leone - @hexxd1

  • Beginning Ruby in room: 706

    by Keith Bennett

  • The Absolutely True Story of How I Tried to Reinvent the Online Interview & FAILED! in room: 831

    by David Dylan Thomas

  • Your Idea & Why it Hasn’t Happened Yet - a conversation in room: 833

    by Kevin Kitzpatrick

  • Intro to JQuery in room: 1221
  • Building Better Web Developers - What should colleges be teaching? - Round Table in room: 1215

    by Jason Wertz

  • Crisis to Conversation - JetBlue social media in room: 1219

    by Matthew Knell

  • Video on the Web + PHLEdit in room: 1321

    by @laureng

  • Political Campaigns and New Media in room: 1329

    by @mmayernick

05:00 PM

  • What can you present at your next BarCamp? - brainstorm about topics & tools that need attention in room: 831
  • Quit Your Job! - Pick my brain about going independent in room: 833

    by Whitney Hess

  • Self Help/Social Change - How can a site help your life? in room: 1221

    by Gary Krane PhD. - Our Couple Space

  • The Philly Tech Scene - You tell philadelphians what’s going on in the city, blogs, hangouts, etc in room: 1215

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